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SWNAM Wellness Club (since 2011)

We provide the best-in-class health and wellness services that include, diet suggestions,
weight loss, meditation, and different health activities in Lucknow. Come and join us.
We will help you in shaping your body and making your lifestyle healthier.

Our Story

SWNAM Wellness Club founded in August 2011 by Mr. S. K. Singh due to a special reason.

Mr Singh used to be busy in his daily work regardless of his health. His lifestyle and diet had gone haywire. This led to many health problems i.e., weight gain, slip disc, knee pain, high uric acid, low energy level, short temper and irritated all the time.


Weight Management

Men’s Health

Women’s Health

What we do

A lot of health problems rise from our bad lifestyle, eating habits, mindset so we work on improving these.

We work on the five pillars of good health: –

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Proper Water intake
  • Quality Sleep
  • Moderate Exercise and
  • Positive Mindset

These are looked into through online sessions.


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